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The Amazing Human in 3D Experience
The most exciting stereoviewer you have ever seen!

This is the most effective marketing tool you have ever seen!
During a business fair or any other event a special photo team shoots 3D stereo photographs of your visitors and presents them,
within one minute, in a customised Amazing Card. Everyone will be amazed and will never throw this momento away. Furthermore: during the event they will walk around looking into their 3D viewer and show it to other people. Now this is marketing you can only dream of!

The Amazing Card received the First Prize
for his Human in 3D experience as most innovative product during the NSA Stereo Convention which was held in July 2004 in Portland / USA !
What does it do?

The Amazing Human in 3D Experience allows you to quickly and easily take live 3D photographs of your prospects or customers.
Now you can offer them a unique souvenir of their visit:
an amazing 3D photograph of themselves taken on the spot and background of your choice ready and mounted to take away
within one minute!

The hardware & software
We developed a complete system that consists of a digital stereo camera, a desktop or laptop computer with specially installed software and a fast high-quality printer.
These 3D prints are then mounted into a customised Amazing Card that can be designed to your choice. The system is very easy to set up and use.

How does it work?

The stereo camera consists
of a pair of Sony P32 digital cameras that are connected
to take 3D photographs.

We name it The Amazing Camera. You only need to press one button to take your 3D photographs. The cameras are connected to the mains by a power cable (no batteries required) and connected to the computer (or laptop) by USB cable.

When you press the switch from Camera to Print Mode, the software converts the images of the left and right 
cameras into a stereo-image that is then printed as a high-quality photostrip ready for mounting into an Amazing Card. The Amazing Camera can also be powered by batteries (supplied) and store the images on memory sticks. Up to 24 images can be stored on the supplied 8MB memorysticks. Larger storage is available at extra cost.
These images can be downloaded and printed later just by connecting to the computer by USB cable and running the software.
The Sony Dye Sublimation printer is very fast and can
print a set of two photostrips every minute. This allows you to print 120 strips per hour but in reality you should calculate to produce 30 strips per hour including taking the photos
and mounting the strips into The Amazing Card. In this
way you can produce at least 200 finished cards per day.

To even enhance the stereo effect we can create 3D overlays that are printed automatically over the 3D images that the cameras generate. In this way you create an extra 3D layer and give your personal touch not only to the outside of the card but to the photostrip as well.
More possibilities
Also we can pack the whole "Human in 3D experience"
into a specially designed unit with FM remote control. This is mostly used on shows and tradefairs.

Upon request we will supply you with all information on prices and possibilities.


e February 2004 
The Amazing Human In 3D Experience was held for a number of events.
Follow this link for a full listing.

The most exciting stereoviewer you have ever seen!
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