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The Amazing Card is a cardboard stereoviewer
you can send as a Greeting Card, use as a marketing tool
or create a Human-in-3d experience within one minute!
New: Magritte Cards!
In our retail collection we now have 12 Amazing Magritte Cards!

Human in 3D
With our "ready in one minute" 3D photo unit you can create stereo images of people in a prefixed background of your choice. Now
The Amazing Human-in-3D Experience is part of a promotiontour for Coca Cola in Italy!

Amazing Tourist Cards
With the help of our Amazing Camera you can create your own Tourist Amazing Cards of local sceneries, hotels, beach resorts, etc.

Stereo Camera
We connected two identical digital cameras at the correct stereo angle . Fitted with two
f 50 mm fixed focus lenses
(f 33 mm traditional) these cameras create high quality stereo images that can be used directly in The Amazing Card.

In our webshop you can buy Amazing Cards if you cannot buy them in a retail outlet.

First Prize Best Product!
We are very proud to announce that The Amazing Card has won the First Prize for Best Product during the Museum Expressions Show 2008 in Paris.

Custom Made Cards
The Amazing Card is the perfect giveaway for promoting your company's product or as your business Christmas Card.

Custom made Amazing Card for Ford Ka automobiles

New management for all products of The Amazing Card and Jigsaw Cards!

Starting from 01-10-2013 all sales and development activities regarding The Amazing Card and Jigsaw Cards have been ended by The Fountaineers and are continued by Jaap Boon of The Amazing Card. For all information and your orders please see contact details at the bottom of this page.

Titanic in 3D stereoscopic stamp for Belgian Post

RTL broadcasted a news item
about The Amazing Card
(3D Viewer) we produced for
the Belgian post (bpost).
The new "Titanic in 3D"
stereoscopic stamp will be
issued by the bpost for the
centenary of the sinking of
the Titanic in April 1912.
The stamp was directed by Belgian cartoonist François Schuiten and Kris Maes.
The stamp is a regular Belgian stamp with a "3"
value so it may be used to
send a standard letter anywhere in the world.
The stamp will be issued on
April 16, 2012 as a "collector"
sheet including a pair of stamps, one for each side of a stereoscopic pair. The 2 stamps plus the 3D Viewer is only available as a package and costs: euro € 8,99 .
You can order this package by mail: and the eshop:
eshopRes/home.html) of bpost.

Follow this link
for large image

Stereo Award
"We won this Award during the 17th International Stereoscopic Union World
Congress in Gmunden, Austria, September 2009".

Product Information
This is the most spectacular card you have ever seen! You can send it like an ordinary greeting card, unfold it and it becomes a 3D viewer! The Amazing Card gives fantastic three-dimensional images of the highest standard.
This site will give you all the information you need about this outstanding new product.

the amazing card, the stereoviewer you can send by mail

The Amazing Card is a registered trademark and the product is fully patented.
The special lenses are produced exclusively for The Amazing Card.

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